Car Parking Offences

Parking Offenses List

(1) Not displaying coupons issued by the Council or the Handling Company when parking of motor vehicles in the coupon based car parking lot.

(2) Displaying expired car parking coupons.

(3) Displaying the car parking coupons in such a way that the coupons cannot be seen or identified by the Administrative Assistant (Car Parking) upon inspection.

(4) Displaying car park coupon without the correct marking.

(5) Parking of motor vehicles outside of the car parking lot in the parking area.

(6) Blocking of car parking lots.

(7) Motor Vehicles which are parked against the correct traffic direction.

(8) Conduct business in a car parking area.

(9) Motor vehicles which are parked blocking fire hydrants.

(10) Parking motor vehicles on five-foot ways and pedestrian pavements.

(11) Parking motor vehicles in seasoned car parks without valid seasoned passes.

(12) Parking motor vehicles in a areas other than which is designated for that particular type of vehicle.

(13) Displaying invalid parking coupons when parking.

(14) Other offences which are stated.


How to Make Payment / Appeal on Compounds

Come Personally

(1) The Offender should come personally to the office and refer to the officer from the Car Parking Department during office hours.

(2) State why a reduction should be given.


By Post

(1) Write on the back of the compound notice your Name, Address and other particulars fully and clearly.

(2) Attach a postal order, a money order, a bank order, a bank draft or cheque addressed to the ‘Yang Dipertua, Majlis Daerah Kota Tinggi’.

(3) Attach the compound together with your payment and address it to the Yang Dipertua, Majlis Daerah Kota Tinggi, Jalan Padang, 81900 Kota Tinggi, Johor.

(4) A receipt and will be made for each payment and sent to the address provided.

(5) The Council will not be responsible if the receipt cannot to be sent through the given address.